Component terrible. guidelines
Techniques complement (c, rule) Examine if your customer fits the guideline.
d customer. item The customer.
guideline desk The actual guideline to check on.
bool Accurate in the event that this fits, fake or else.
match_any (c, rule) Examine if your customer fits any kind of a part of the guideline.
bool Accurate in the event that a minumum of one guideline is actually coordinated, fake or else.
fits (c, entry) Will confirmed guideline admittance complement a customer?
admittance desk Guideline admittance (with secrets guideline. rule_any. other than and/or except_any ).
matching_rules (c, _rules) Obtain listing of coordinating guidelines for any customer.
_rules desk The guidelines to check on. Checklist along with “rule”, “rule any”, “except” as well as “except any” secrets.
desk The actual listing of coordinated guidelines.
matches_list (c, _rules) Examine if your customer fits confirmed group of guidelines.
_rules desk The guidelines to check on. Listing of furniture along with guideline. rule_any. other than as well as except_any secrets.
utilize (c) Utilize terrible. guidelines. guidelines to some customer.
guidelines. high_priority_properties. new_tag (c, worth, props) Produce a brand new label depending on the guideline.
d customer The customer
worth boolean. perform or even chain The worthiness.
props desk The actual qualities.
label The brand new label
perform (c, props[, callbacks]) Utilize qualities as well as callbacks to some customer.
props desk Qualities to use.
callbacks desk Callbacks to use. ( optionally available )
This is actually the worldwide guidelines desk.
You need to fill up this particular desk together with your guideline as well as qualities to use. For instance, if you wish to arranged xterm maximized from new venture, you can include:
If you wish to arranged mplayer flying from new venture, you can include:
If you wish to place Opera on the particular label from new venture, you can include:
On the other hand, you are able to stipulate the actual label through title:
If you wish to place Thunderbird on the particular display from new venture, make use of:
Let’s assume that your own X11 server facilitates the actual RandR expansion, you may also stipulate the actual display through title:
If you wish to place Emacs on the particular label from new venture, as well as instantly change to that particular label you can include:
If you wish to utilize the customized callback in order to perform whenever a guideline coordinated, for instance in order to temporarily stop actively playing songs through mpd when you begin dosbox, you can include:
Observe that just about all “rule” records have to complement. In the event that the admittance doesn’t complement, the actual guideline defintely won’t be used.
If your customer fits several guidelines, they’re used within the purchase they’re place in this particular worldwide guidelines desk. When the worth of the guideline is really a chain, then your complement perform can be used to find out when the customer fits the actual guideline.
When the worth of the home is really a perform, which perform will get known as as well as function’s come back worth can be used for that home.
To complement several customers to some guideline 1 have to make use of somewhat various format:
To complement several customers by having an exclusion it’s possible to few guidelines. other than or even guidelines. except_any using the guidelines:
Additional guidelines qualities.
These types of qualities are utilized within the guidelines just and therefore are not really delivered to the customer after.
To include a brand new qualities, simply perform:
Automatically, the actual desk has got the subsequent features:
Additional higher concern qualities.
A few qualities, for example something associated with labels, geometry or even concentrate, may cause the competition situation in the event that arranged in the primary home area. For this reason they’ve the area on their behalf.
delayed_properties Postponed qualities. Qualities used in the end additional groups.
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